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Ding Lei expresses, the Internet from the desktop to the mobile p

2013-06-12 17:38:37 Viewers:

  New capital signs up for dispatch ( reporter Yang Miao) according to informed sources, Netease has confirmed it will enter the intelligent mobile phone industry, currently has production comes out. The mobile phone with Android 4 system, is expected to price at 1000 yuan of the following.

  Ding Lei called mobile Netease favourable

  The close high-level person with Netease News disclosed, Netease this intelligent machine system and the famous mobile phone manufacturer cooperation in research and development, with a 4.3 " screen, dual-core CPU. And most Zhuoji preloaded on Android 2.3 series of different mobile phone operating system, Netease be preloaded latest Android 4 edition operating system, " which features video effect is very good ". Netease author holds CEO Ding Lei concurrently to intelligent mobile phone R & D attached great importance to, and directly determine the mobile phone 1000 yuan of the following price policy.

  The mobile phone and the delivery time, the source said is still in prototype stage, shipping time.

  Netease yesterday morning report, money newspaper shows first quarter of 2012, Netease total revenue of $318000000, from a network game revenue of the total income of 90%, $289000000. Ding Lei is in after the earnings release call to Wall Street analysts, Netease attaches great importance to this wave of intelligent mobile phone penetration in China brings opportunity.