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Ipsen Industrial furnace tray

2018-01-16 07:44:02 Viewers:
Our company specializing in the production of Ipsen Ipsen basket, suitable for loading small and medium sized pieces. Three layers of superposition structure, easy to install, easy to lift. Material 2520, high temperature resistance, casting structure is not easy to deform. According to the needs of the user can add the high temperature resistant mesh woven mesh. The middle average of the Ipsen basket has 5 small support columns. It plays a very good supporting role. This high temperature multipurpose charging basket length 1170mm, width 720mm, height 200mm, each stacked three boxes, my company has the mold, the production for many years, Ipsen multipurpose charging basket, fast delivery, average 20 days. Welcome to inquire, the related drawings please send to the enterprise e-mail.