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Three big operators users compete for battle: pipeline is not circled Hom

2012-05-23 14:49:49 Viewers:

  This year " 5.17 " the world telecom day, China's three big operators do tricks, in addition to tariff price war, is the custom terminal for intelligent machine. Especially in the near future a fiery " 1000 Yuan intelligent machine " market, China Mobile, China Unicom ( micro-blog ) ( micro-blog ), China Telecom three operators have the momentum to attract users.

  Operators compete for " thousand yuan intelligent machine " market behind is the terminal user's grasp. In the mobile Internet era, if not occupy the user resource, the operator is once again facing a " pipeline " of the crisis.

  For the operators, the opportunity is, the traditional concept is considered " low-end" 1000 Yuan intelligent machine market may be due to the new partners to join and change. Previously, the thousand yuan intelligent machine market by Huawei, ZTE, cool, Lenovo and other domestic manufacturers firmly occupy, subsequently, Samsung, Nokia HTC and other international brands have begun to launch a thousand yuan intelligent machine, in order to obtain greater development.

  Carrier high subsidy bet " 1000 Yuan intelligent machine "

  " 5 ·17 " world telecommunication day cases is each big operator introduced various preferential activity to seize the market opportunities. With the frequently used three thousand or four thousand yuan this year compared to the intelligent mobile phone, 3G mobile phone is the more intelligent people, some high-end brand also introduced a more practical, consistent with a carrier customization conditions for mobile phone.

  3G is the main driving force for growth

  Three carriers of the latest earnings data show that last year, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom 's revenue reached 67929000000 yuan, 127445000000 yuan, 61193000000 yuan more than the same period last year, respectively 15.7%, 7.8%, 24.8%.

  China Telecom and China Unicom 3G business high growth, income increase significantly.

  But once because of subsidies iPhone4 pay big price of China Unicom, a quarter of the mobile user add 9827000, reaching a total of 209000000 households, of which 3G users add 8841000, reached 48860000, and achieved a net profit of 1007000000 yuan, year-on-year growth of 594%. Compared to last year's net profit fell sharply, Unicom 's revenue is gradually warmer.

  3G users users have become the main motive force of growth, but also to China Telecom and China Unicom has brought more opportunities. Industry analysts believe, China Unicom net profit this quarter soared, mainly due to the development of 3G business. Leading telecommunications expert, Dumbo net author Xiang Ligang argues that, over the past two years, China Unicom on iPhone invested a large amount of subsidies, the Unicom change image, expand its influence, for the high-end users played a large role in. But Unicom can shake off the dependence on apple, still need further observation.

  Fetion different network registration VS Tencent recombination: data service battle

  On the convergence trend, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, traditional data services gradually become saturated.

  Data shows, 2012 domestic fusion communications market will reach 20000000000 yuan. Data service rise, let the telecom operators are facing the danger of the pipeline, so that they had to expand to other areas.

  Operator messaging service income decline

  In May 14th, China Mobile announced, flying 2012 morning edition will support different network registration. At that time, China Unicom, telecommunications users can directly use the mobile phone number registered letter, and mobile, Unicom, telecommunications user mutual fetion. Industry thinks that is China Mobile borrow open platform to enter the mobile Internet market test the waters.

  In spite of revenue, mobile phones with its charge mode are obtained in good yields, but behind the contradictions are also prominent. China Mobile reported in 2011, the annual net profit of 125900000000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.2%, in which the SMS revenues declined for the first time.

  SMS revenue decline in corresponding to the instant messaging application of explosive growth. Following the royal network launched KIKI, happy net ( micro-blog ) launched flying beans, millet rice Tencent chat technology is introduced, in 2011 January launched micro message. Operators also not resigned to playing second fiddle, the second half of 2011, China Unicom, China Mobile ", " friends "flying chat", China Telecom "wing. " and other products appear in succession.

  Recently, a Tencent Inc to reorganization of the news caused the micro message future brighter. It is reported, in the new round of structural adjustment, Tencent micro message will become one of the three core, will be elevated to the same status with QQ.